Guess Which Vehicles Missouri Just Added to Their Move-Over Law.....

Date: 2/20/2017

Location: Missouri 

Well, what can we say? Better late than never, right? 

Missouri House Bill 85 seeks to expand the state's "Move-Over Law" to include maintenance and utility vehicles.

This could include electric service trucks, tree trimmers, road maintenance vehicles, and a whole host of others not currently protected under the law. 

The new bill, approved on a 149-7, adds utility vehicles to a list of other emergency vehicles, including police, fire, towing and recovery vehicles, where motorists are required to move over in order to give emergency and law enforcement workers space to do their jobs.

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As this bill moves on to the Missouri Senate for deliberation and a vote, we can thank Rep. Craig Redmon of Canton, MO for sponsoring this bill. It's been long overdue. 

We'll post updates as soon as they become available. 

What do you think? Do you suppose it's a good idea to include maintenance vehicles to the list, or will it desensitize drivers from caring, similar to how they can become desensitized to amber beacon lights on wreckers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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