WATCH: How To Safely Run Blocker and Why It's Important

If you're a regular reader of ours, you already know what "running blocker" means, but for those who don't, allow us to explain...

Running Blocker refers to the proper positioning of first response vehicles at a traffic incident scene (TIS) to ensure that the scene remains safe for everyone working within it.

This could include shutting lanes down entirely, to partially blocking a lane, to employing many advance warning & signal vehicles far before motorists happen upon the incident scene itself. 

From police, to tow truck drivers, to fire and EMS, a traffic incident scene can be a literal death trap to the responders themselves, if the scene is not managed properly, due to inattentive and distracted motorists failing to slow down and/or move over. 

(Proper Blocking Method Pictured Below)

For example, in 2014 in the US alone, over FIFTY tow truck drivers were killed in this manner. That's not counting police, nor fire, nor construction workers, nor EMS. Nor is that statistic counting the number of personnel who were severely *injured* disabling them permanently in SDMO (Slow Down Move Over) tragedies, which by our judgment based on the work we do here at GRA, is FAR beyond 50 per year. 

In fact, it's because of the very nature, and frequency of those tragedies that we exist at all.

We exist above all other reasons, to encourage tow truck operators and others to run blocker for each other as a courtesy. As a way for us to accomplish what SDMO laws aren't doing. Namely, saving lives and reducing that "50" mentioned earlier, to ZERO. 

Unfortunately, during our 3 years of operations at GRA, every once in awhile we will receive emails and photo submissions from our supporters who are not employing safe blocking methods, to which we have no choice but to discourage those methods, and educate them on the proper methods, and doing so legally as well.

The video below, produced by our friends at details the best methods of running blocker and securing a TIS. We encourage you to watch, listen, and employ the methods outlined, at your discretion. If we all work together, we can keep scenes safer, and keep more of us alive.

Do you run blocker for others? What kind of tips would you give to your fellow responders out there? What tips would you give everyday motorists who are reading this? Let us know in the comments below! ⬇️




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