About Us

Guard Rail Angels was founded in September of 2014 with a life saving message.

"When Move-Over Laws Fail to Protect Us, It's Time We Protect Each Other." 

Initially started as a grassroots effort on social media to encourage tow truck operators, police, and others to safely (and legally) "run blocker" for each other while assisting at traffic incident scenes, we have since evolved into the popular online store you know today. 

Specializing in SDMO (Slow Down Move Over) awareness merchandise such as our popular Tow Lives Matter line of clothing, along with our complete line of Optic-Fiber Safety Gear, we now seek to make a difference primarily through the sale of our unique products. 

We hope to have you along with us on our continuing journey as a company, striving to save the precious lives of those brave men and women whose office is a dark stretch of asphalt, where life and death is separated by nothing more than a painted thin yellow line. 

Thank you for your continued, unwavering support.