Optic-Fiber Safety Vest (No ID Panel)
Optic-Fiber Safety Vest (No ID Panel)

Optic-Fiber Safety Vest (No ID Panel)

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For a lower-cost alternative, consider purchasing a pair of our easy-to-attach Optic-Fiber lighting strips for your existing vests by tapping here.

A bold leap in self-lit safety vest technology for highway workers of all stripes. This US-built, patented, Electro-Luminescent safety vest ensures that no longer will your survival depend on a vehicle's headlights shining on you. 

The optic-fiber strips and rear Id panel have flash and steady on illumination allowing for an instant eye catching effect. Built rugged for years of service. This style of light is a patented form of electroluminesence that can be seen for up to a mile especially in adverse weather conditions.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Durable
  • Flash Pattern Options
  • 8-10 Hour Light Strip Battery Life
  • USB Rechargeable (Charges in 1.5 hours)
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Unlike conventional Hi-Vis clothing, these special ANSI Certified vests require no external light source for you to become visible to oncoming traffic. 

*Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery (though generally much sooner) 🙂

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Optic-Fiber Safety Vest (No ID Panel)